Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A Short Update after a Long Time

When I was voraciously reading adoption blogs, looking for reassurance that our adoption could and maybe would work out, I  speculated that when blogs lapsed for long periods of time that people just didn't want to write about their problems.
In our case, we haven't updated just because life with the boys has become so normal that it seems silly to write about it.

Why bother writing about Andrew's  baseball games or Nick's new job? It's kind of mundane.

And that's fine with me.

Maybe it is kind of amazing that life has a pleasant routine in our house.  We have fun playing games, doing household projects, hiking, teasing the sheltie, and  watching TV together (currently we're big on Person of Interest -I really like Mr. Finch but I think the boys are more partial to Mr. Reese),  and anyway just being a family. 

Our biggest news right now is that we're homeschooling this year for these reasons:
  • I missed out on their childhoods and it's my last chance to get to spend a lot of time with them 
  • Both boys have holes in their academic knowledge- particularly writing- and I think my attention will help
  • We're going to take a few trips and see the country a bit while taking advantage of  the flexible schedule we'll have  and extra money we'll save by not paying tuition
  • I got really sick of getting up early and driving  almost 3 hours a day for them to get to private school - I can home school them in 4 1/2 hours and sleep in.
Both boys are happy about this and I'm looking forward to it too.

Looking back, it seems it did work out!

Was it hard to adopt after Mary Evelyn's death?  Oh so much more than I expressed here.  It was so painful to open my heart to new kids while I was mourning so deeply, but their needs helped me gain perspective on my heartbreak and love is a great healer.

Is it hard to adopt older kids even in the easiest of circumstances? Probably so because everyone has to adjust, give, and want it to work and be willing to love each other. 

 Sounds like family to me. 

I'm so grateful for my sweet sons, all three, and feel very blessed.

PS I know some of you are wondering about Nadia. We have heard from her recently and I guess things are OK.  The post I wrote about turning 18 and going back is by far the most read post on this blog.